Children's Wellbeing Sessions

Children's Wellbeing sessions can help your child free themselves from anxiety, exam stress, phobias and much more. Children's wellbeing sessions revolve around play for the younger clients and are very much conversational. The most important thing is that your child feels comfortable, safe and wants to be there. 

During your child's wellbeing sessions they will learn how to:

- Manage their feelings

- Recognise what their fight or fight response is

- Use tools to cope with their anxiety

- Challenge and recognise negative thinking 

- Learn how their thoughts, feelings and actions are connected

- Cope when have worries

- Build their confidence

- Apply breathing techniques in the correct way

- Apply mindfulness in anxious situations

- Relax

- Recognise what their strengths are 

..........and much more!

I have undergone further specialist training with Clarissa Woodcock and Lynda Hudson to become a calm kids coach but a lot of my experience comes from being a mother of 3 myself. We all want the best for our children and sometimes they just need a little help to overcome certain obstacles in their life. Our sessions help your child to do this by giving them the confidence and tools that they need to be able to confidently work through these obstacles. They can take these tools and their new found confidence with them through life. 

Sessions take place in my clinic or they can take place outside in a child friendly setting if requested (weather permitting).  Some children feel more relaxed outside and this can be a great way to get to know them and make them feel comfortable. An adult with parental responsibility is required to stay with the child for their sessions, though they will take a back seat once the child is comfortable. 


Karen did an amazing training session for 15 members of staff at my nursery school on how to teach children about their feelings. It was wonderful! I will definitely be asking Karen to come back again.

KH 12/11/2019


My 9 year old son has been suffering with separation anxiety and lack of confidence for quite some time. At my wits end I decided to try some sessions for him. I found Karen and what a difference this has made. We have had 5 sessions to date and in that time Karen has always been professional, understanding, calm and such a big help. My son feels at ease with her and the techniques that he has been taught have made such a huge difference. We have gone from crying leaving me at the school gate in the morning to leaving me with a smile. I would thoroughly recommend Karen to anyone else who has a child with anxiety or lack of confidence. Not only is my son feeling so much better but so am I too. Thank you Karen.

KW 13/11/2019

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