Parent & Teacher Sessions

Parent and teacher sessions can be really beneficial for teachers, parents or anyone that works with or has a young child. 

When a child is under the age of 7, I will usually work with the adult. This has been shown to be far more effective than seeing a child at such a young age. The reason for this is because younger children respond better to a parent/teacher introducing techniques to cope with emotions and anxiety, rather than a stranger. Children are very adaptable and eager to learn at this age. Teaching a child emotional intelligence from a young age is one of the single most important things that you can do for your child to set them up for life. 

Each parent session lasts for 50 minutes and is done over 2 sessions. When I work in a nursery or school setting, this can be covered in one long session. 

These sessions are based around ways to help the children manage their anxiety and emotions. They are aimed at children aged 3-7 years old. When a child is over the age of 7 I will usually work with the child  face to face instead.

It has been shown that if a child's mental health is put first, they will achieve higher academically. Sessions can help children with anxiety, separation anxiety, managing their emotions, confidence building and much more. 

Sessions consist of the following-

-What is Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis

-Flight/Flight/Freeze response


-Separation anxiety & the parents

-Helping children to understand their feelings

-The Tools



and more!

The cost of these sessions are £60 per session for parents and from £125 for nurseries and schools, depending on your requirements and location. 

Please contact me by email or telephone for further information.

Karen did an amazing training session for 15 members of staff at my nursery school on how to teach children about their feelings. It was wonderful! I will definitely be asking Karen to come back again.
Katie Holmes, Little Pickles Nursery, 12th November 2019
Can’t recommend Karen highly enough. She truly has changed my little boy’s life, maybe even saved it by teaching him how to deal with his anxiety. He’s gained confidence in all areas of his life. He loved his sessions and Karen made him feel so comfortable and relaxed.
GR, 13th April 2020
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