Tori Whoop · 7 January 2018
I saw Karen today for hypnotherapy to help me stop smoking completely. I feel strong. I feel positive, and determined that i will not smoke again. Karen was so lovely and understanding of my situation and went out of her way to tailor my session to tackle my unique barriers. I cannot thank you enough Karen.
 7 January 2018
Hi Karen, just a quick update. Since seeing you I haven’t had any anxiety attacks or worried about a lot. I Have somehow found a way of pushing the worry aside. I Have noticed a big difference and so has _________.Thank you so much, not sure how that one session helped but it has. Really appreciate it.
Emma Louise Keast 15 November 2017
My partner was suffering with trouble sleeping and bad dreams. He was sent an audio recording to listen to which helped him relax and settle into a good nights sleep. Its brilliant he has the recording on hand to use whenever he needs it.
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